11 September 2011

Anger Management?

Yep. That woman depicts my feelings right this minute. I'm so pissed offffff!
I'm not entirely sure what's wrong with me to be honest, for the last couple of weeks I've got myself into a bad mood that I cannot seem to shake off.
The thing is, I've been home from uni since like May! Therefore I think I've reached my limit of how much of my family I can tolerate. Don't get me wrong, I get on with them really well and I love them dearly....but I need space now please.
I go back to uni in a week (thank GOD) I need my independence back and I need to see Tash and Amy please! These girls are my saviours. And I miss them so much.
This summer has been great but at the same time made me realise that I cannot come home for the whole summer next year, I'll go insane! So I'm definitely putting my Camp America plans in to progress in the next few months.

I'm also really ill at the moment and feel like death which isn't helping my overall shitty mood. Basically.....get me back to Lincoln!

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