3 September 2011

My week at Reveal magazine

Sooo..it's been a pretty hectic week for me this past week. I got back from Cyprus on Monday then on Tuesday I was up and ready to catch the train to London at 8 o'clock.

On the first day I was pretty much getting to know everyone and doing odd jobs. I did get asked to write a blog post for the website which I did everyday and I really enjoyed that and it's pretty good to have them to include in my portfolio!

Over the week I got to really like my table, they were all quite young and we could chat really easily. The office was so relaxed and there was no stressing out or shouting (not really anyway). People were always handing out free food and they get sent different things all the time which just go up for grabs!

It was amazing being able to pop into Oxford Street on my lunch break, it made me realise how much I love the city and how much I want a job there in the future.

Journalism was definitely the right choice for me, I've enjoyed all the experience I've had so far and there's lot's more to come!!

To be able to say I've done work experience with a national magazine is an amazing boost. It cost me a lot to get there and back each day, but if you want something, you do it!

Overall it was a great week, I loved it! :D

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