17 October 2011

Put on your new shoes...bye bye blues!

Hello hello. I have been spectacularly awful at blogging lately, I'm very sorry. I keep wanting to blog but then think *gahhh* I'll have to take photos and I simply cannot be bothered!

I've been back at uni a few weeks now and during this time I've managed to buy a new formal dress, a checked shirt, a black grandad cardigan, brown faux-leather shorts, a beautiful green dress by 'Chelsea Girl' at River Island, some brogue-inspired flats, a pair of a-maaaazing platform heels and a floral dress.

Actually listing them out like that makes me realise I've been a bit naughty on the spending! woops!

But hoorah because at least I have a good-paying job to fund my shopping habit now :)

Here's my favourite buy because it's absolutely gorgeous and only £30!

And here's me wearing it   :)

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