15 November 2011

Horrah for the British High Street

I am simply loving Boots at the moment. I used to switch between here and Superdrug but now, Boots is my number one for beauty essentials!
Recently, I tried their own brand of fake eyelashes. I was sceptical at first because everyone I know wears Eyelure lashes, and until now so did I most of the time.
However, I have been converted!
Boots lashes are only £4.05...over £1 cheaper than leading brands. I thought they wouldn't come with glue but they do and I personally think it's better than any other glue I have used! The lashes went on straight away and stayed on all night. Usually I have trouble placing them straight away and during the night they tend to come unstuck towards the inside of the eyelid.
I've so far used them twice and they're still in good nick! I'm going to use them Saturday and I'm hoping they'll look as good as they have done so far.

Seriously if you are a slave to Eyelure, give these a go you'll be surprised!

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