27 January 2012

Friday nights are all about staying in...

It's too cold and miserable out there at the moment for queuing up in skimpy outfits to get into clubs. Therefore I've become much too acquainted with cosying up on the sofa or in my bed and watching rubbish television. Tonight, these are my partners in crime...sweet popcorn, reveal magazine and galaxy caramel mini eggs which are DELICIOUS. Get them in your life.

Was feeling a bit down earlier as I didn't get the grade I wanted for my dissertation proposal and it's got me doubting whether I'll be able to do as well as I want to do this year. However, it has also motivated me to work a lot harder. 

Also missing home and my family a lot recently, can't wait to see them next week but it's going to be horrible saying goodbye again!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. x


  1. i'll be staying in all cozy tonight too- hope you cheer up & things get better :)

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  2. Agreed. It's much nicer being cuddled up and warm in the house than outside in the perishing cold! xx

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon, try not to worry about the dissertation mark try and see it as you know now what to improve and it'll be different once you've actually written it, I'm sure you'll get the grade you want :)

    Hev x


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