25 January 2012

That's a wrap

I am so in love with Love's wrap dresses. I regularly check their website and have purchased lovely things from there before. Recently though, this dress caught my eye:
Love wrap dress in coral, £32.
I love the colour and wanted to wear it for my birthday but unfortunately they didn't have my size :(
But because I love the style so much, I instead went for this colour:

Love wrap dress in hyacinth, £32.
My friends say they prefer this colour, but I'm still not sure. I do love it but coral just screams out at me. Hopefully when it arrives it'll look as nice as it does online! I'll keep you posted.


  1. This is such a gorgeous dress! 'Love' have some of the loveliest things! :) xxx

  2. Ohhh pretty. Both are gorgeous! I've never heard of 'Love' before, I'll have to go look at their stuff :)


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