1 February 2012

Thank you!

Ok, so earlier today I found out I had been awarded this:

So a big thank you to Jen for giving it to me, you should all check out her blog!

Now, the rules state I need to write seven 'random facts' about myself and give 15 other bloggers the award. I don't know if these are that random, because if you follow my blog you probably already know them! But here goes...

  1. I love cheese. Could eat blocks of the stuff! Extra mature cheddar is the one.
  2. Beyonce is my idol. I am in awe of her. I love all of her music, literally every.single.song.
  3. I am an aspiring journalist and I genuinely would love a job where I get to shmooze with celebs.
  4. I enjoy my nights out just as much as I enjoy my cosy, lazy nights in.
  5. I hate being cold.
  6. I hate my sensitive dry skin and would love to find that one single cream which cures my problems.
  7. And finally.......I love my mum more than anything on the entire planet. I have no idea where I would be without her, she is my rock.
Hmm, so they weren't that random really, but they'll do! Ok next up, my favourite 15 'versitile' bloggers...

  1. Cold Knees Simple layout, great photos and a variety of shots and content.
  2. Daisy Butter Great fashion sense, lovely posts, similar tastes to mine.
  3. Milk Bubble Tea I love this blog so much! It's style, her photos, her writing. I just love it!
  4. Two Grazed Knees Only started following this one recently, but it's addictive.
  5. Dotty Dolly Adore her style, simple and effective blog.
  6. Farewell To The Fairground Lovely girl, very detailed posts and going through similar experiences to me!
  7. Scattered Sequin Style Again, lovely girl and similar to mine.
  8. Music And Mollie Makes a change from the normal fashion blogs, great posts.
  9. Sadler Hannah This girl's got it spot on. Simplistic yet fantastically branded. Love it.
  10. Lucyy Writes Very detailed beauty posts, gets you wanted to buy the products!
  11. Lily Loves Lola I always find myself on this blog, great variety of posts.
  12. Dandylion Again, something a bit different and interesting.
  13. Arabellba Only found this one recently and love it! Such a good blog.
  14. Uglily Great range of posts, interesting to look at and read.
  15. I Dream About Clothes And lastly, this one. (Not that these were in any order!) Very in-depth fashion posts!!
Get following people!


  1. I suffer from really bad dry skin on my face and I recently purchased No7 Advanced Hydration day and night creams, they're a bit pricey but they last ages. The day cream is the best if you wanted just one or the other, it's helped my dry skin so so much!
    I have quite sensitive skin as well and I don't seem to have any problems :) x

  2. Hello :) thankyou so much for the mention on your blog it means a lot! Its so sweet of you! Have a nice day! xxx

  3. Thankyou so so much! This means a lot sweetie! xxx

  4. Thanks so much lovely :D I'll be sure to do this and a few more and give you a mention :D


  5. thankyou very much! great choice of blogs, this means alot :)

  6. Hey hun, thank you so much for the blog award and mention. I'm really touched, it was such a nice surprise to see your comment! Looking forward to putting together a blog post soon! Best, Amy P.S. You look absolutely gorgeous in the animal print midi dress as per your recent Topshop post. x


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