1 February 2012

Thursday night fun

Sooo, last Thursday was the first time I've been out since coming back to uni after Christmas! (that's what having a job and being in final year does to your social life)

A couple of my friends from home came up, it was nice to see them and for them to meet my uni friends as well. Here's all the girls:

I'm on the far right. I've got a few compliments on this outfit which made a change for me because I never wear dresses or skirts below the knee for a night out!!! The striped shirt is from Topshop and pencil skirt is from Internacional and was fairly cheap! Both items can be found in previous posts on my blog if you're interested in prices.

P.s It's February! One of my favourite months, not just because it's my birthday in 6 days but it's quite a few of my friends birthdays too, so lots of celebrating is to be had! I'm looking forward to it, and expect some more outfit posts soon!


  1. Love that striped shirt :)
    Looking forward to your future blog posts so I have followed :)

    Karys x


  2. absolutely LOVE the stripey shirt babe! where's it from? :)
    you look amazing.


    1. thank you! it's from topshop, it's still on their website...£32 x


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