3 March 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

I've finally got round to buying a new foundation. I had been using Hello Flawless cover up powder by Benefit but I prefer liquid products for better coverage. I wanted to the new Rimmel Wake Me Up but unfortunately it was out of stock so I tried this instead:

It's £6.99 and is described as:
"A foundation that is sweat, heat, humidity & transfer proof for up to a full 25 hrs. The revolutionary formula, complete with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer, helps to reenergise overworked skin and feels hydrating all day."

I'm not sure I agree that it lasts 25 hours, but it does give great coverage and doesn't dry my skin out. The consistency's not too thick and the primer acts as a good base for other make up. At just under £7, it's a good little buy! 


  1. Once my healthy mix is finished Im considering buying this because quite a few people has said it's good, but they don't have pale skin. If you are able to do an in-depth review that would be helpful :)

  2. I never really branch out when it comes to foundation I just stick to good old colourstay but I may give this a try because its so cheap x

  3. i agree with the above comment , may have to try this because of good comments and its cheap price!
    mantenso xx
    p.s , now following (:


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