16 March 2012

Siren fm no more!

So today was the last CityVibe that we'll ever produce! After three years of radio news days it feels sooo strange to never have one again!

Me and Tash presented, and after forcing all our friends and family members into tuning in, we made a pact to make our presenting seamless! We also arranged interviews prior to today, I phoned Neil from the Nomad Trust as he was involved in a new local project.

It's called the Sheridan House Project and helps ex servicemen and women to get back to civilian life, as (little did I realise) sometimes when they leave the armed forces they end up living rough and struggle to cope with everyday life.

I'm hoping to visit the 'move on' housing over the next week to take photos and videos so I can turn the story into an online piece.

Ok so back to the show, me and Tash made sure we made the menu early on in the day and we tried to go through scripts and re-word things to suit us, but this sometimes proved difficult with the running order not being in place and people not finishing their stories until later on. This is what's sometimes hard with group work as I like to be organised and get my pieces sorted out sooner rather than later, and not everyone shares this ethic!

When it came to 5pm I was a little nervous! Being our last show I wanted everything to go right, and we were pretty much on our own with the only tutor being Les, and he was in the other studio listening. So if anything went wrong it was all down to the editor and BA's.

It was all going smoothly but around half way through we had a couple of technical difficulties (so annoying). However, we handled it well, Tash filled when we lost a package without having to let the audience know anything had gone wrong, and a piece of audio that didn't work we managed to play later in the show.

We ended bang on time and I think I presented confidently and enthusiastically. I would've liked to present more as I think it's one of my stronger qualities but I'm glad I got to do it on our very last show.

Although the 9-half 6 days have been approached with dread in most weeks, looking back I have learnt a lot and I think my confidence and interviewing skills have grown tremendously. Now, when I'm given a story I'm straight on the phone trying to arrange interviews and if one way fails, I find a way around it and won't give up.

It has not put me off radio in the slightest and I'm really excited for my placement at Capital FM in May!!!

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