7 April 2012

Oxford Street Haul

As promised, this is a picture of all my beautiful buys from London. £170 spent in just three shops!!!

Left to Right: MOTO Bleach Leigh Jeans Topshop, Grey Cotton Dress Topshop, Striped Shirt Forever 21, Bleached Denim Shorts Miss Selfridge, White Capped Collar Blouse Miss Selfridge, Petite Coral Dress Topshop, Striped Coral and Grey Blouse Forever 21.

Blouses were clearly the order of the day!!! Here's my GORGEOUS coral dress, it had to have its own photo. It was £46 but my lovely mummy got it for me as an easter present :) I'm saving it to wear after I have finished uni FOREVER! (which is in less than a month by the way aaaaa)


  1. that dress is PERFECT!
    really like everything you bought, and leigh jeans are my faves x

  2. beautiful stuff, i'm a tad jealous... :) x

  3. love the dress!!

    Love the blog dear (:

    Newest follower!!

    xoxo Effy


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