18 April 2012

Sparkle Hands

A couple of new buys for you to look at:

 Models Own in Indian Ocean
Connecting Chain Metal Ring, Topshop

Handed my dissertation in yesterday so naturally went out to celebrate, had a great night but have completely wasted today feeling sorry for myself and eating McDonalds!!!!



  1. Congrats on the dissertation :) and I really like your ring, trying to increase my collection at the moment. Sam xx

  2. Yay for handing in dissertations! So relieved to have got it done and handed in, as I'm sure you are too!
    I'm going into town tomorrow so I'm sure all sorts of damage will be caused in the name of dissertation treats ;) xx

  3. wow wow wow, the Indian Ocean nail polish is beautiful with the glittery tones in it :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie


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