29 June 2012

Barefoot Wanderer.

Felt a bit like a hippie in this outfit today, it's very floaty! Especially walking around with no shoes on, peace and loveeee everyone. (I did put shoes on when I left the house though. Just to clarify)

It's been pretty hot this week, and it was quite warm today but bloody windy! I've had a pretty busy week and we're taking my brother and his friends to Legoland tomorrow for his birthday...am I still allowed to enjoy it at 21?! I'm just really hoping it doesn't rain, so keep your fingers crossed please!

Marmie wanted to get in on the action, isn't he a beaut.

Need to crack on with some work this weekend as I have an interview next week and I really want to impress them! I need to go through the tabloid press and find some stories that the company could sell to magazines, I then need to come up with 3 features of my own to pitch to the people interviewing me. I'm pretty nervous but I've done stuff like this for 3 years at uni, I just need to do a good job!! Wish me luck...it's on Wednesday! 


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