18 June 2012

Floral Obsession.

I don't think I've worn a pair of fitted trousers since school, and usually I much prefer to buy shorts or leggings...but I saw these in Topshop on Saturday and have not got them out of my head since!!

Petite Floral Ankle Grazers, £40.

Normally I steer well clear of things like this because I don't think I can pull them off, and usually they're not really my taste. But I cannot deny I have fallen madly in love with them and even though I have no job and shouldn't be spending any money, I think I may have to buy them in the next few weeks. They'd be perfect to wear to work if I ever do get a job though! (So that's my excuse!)
Basic White Peplum Top, £16.

I've also been wanting a peplum top for a while too. I really like that this style is in fashion because for petite girls like myself it adds curves, which is always a good thing. I spotted this white top in store too and thought it would look perfect with the trousers, or even wet look leggings and heels for a night out. I thought the price wasn't too bad either!
Studded Ankle Boots, £24.99.

And these are also on the wish-list. I was in New Look having a browse, and I realised I hadn't bought anything in there in ages and that maybe I was going off it a bit. But then I saw these boots in black and tried them on. They're exactly what I've been looking for to wear in the daytime as flat shoes and pumps can get a bit boring. These add a bit of height, are really stylish and very comfortable. I'm hoping they'll be in store for a while so I can hold off until I get some money and then buy them!

So this is my current lust-list...what's yours?


  1. ohhh those trousers are too pretty! x

  2. Such gorgeous trousers and they would do so well with that white white peplum top as well!
    Hannah xo

  3. Those floral trousers are lush!

    *Reply to your question on my blog* - I get the two pics in one effect with an iphone app called picstitch! x


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