26 June 2012

Hello Sun.

That's more like it June...a bit of sunshine and blue skies! Today was beautiful weather and I made the most of it by sunning myself aaaallll day. I had a job interview in the morning as a trainee journalist, I was actually more nervous than I thought I would be but it went well! (I think) I find out in a couple of weeks if I have a second interview. Anyway, this is what I wore for it and I teamed it with a soft cotton blazer to look smarter.

I love this dress, it was bought nearly a year ago now from Republic and I've worn it a lot which is unusual for me as I get bored easily! I wear it for nights out, meals out and in the daytime because it can be so easily dressed up or down. It's really comfy and flatters my petite frame.

I'm not sure the heat's going to last, we'll probably go back to rain tomorrow. I'm staying over at my sister's tomorrow night and helping to look after my three week old niece...think I'm going to need lots of sleep tonight in preparation!! (cute baby pictures to follow of course)

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  1. I can see why you have worn it a lot - it's a very versatile dress - love the tan belt with it.


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