14 June 2012

Little purchases.

Looking at my phone last night before bed, I was getting excited over the impending sunshine and 17 degree heat that was supposedly coming today. And sure enough as I woke up, sunshine was making its way through my blinds, so naturally like a true Brit I grabbed my shorts and fake tan. After non-stop rain, you have to make the most of these rarities!! 

Star Culottes, Lipsy.

Bit over-ambitious with my skimpy outfit...it really wasn't that hot. So I couldn't resist this summer sweater from H&M, £29.99.

Also been eyeing this up for a while and it was Buy one get one Half Price at Boots.
Models Own in 'Utopia' and 'Ibiza Mix', £5 each.

Trio of Rings, £3.99, H&M.

So yes, I know I said I wasn't meant to be spending money...and I really am not seeing as I'm completely unemployed right now. But not shopping makes me sad so I thought I'd treat myself. Let's just hope the stuff I'm selling on eBay gets me some money to make up for it!!


  1. this outfit is perrrdy! love the nails too x

  2. that outfit is perfect! love your blog dear :)

    1. aw thanks. I'm gonna check yours out now :) x


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