8 June 2012

Roller Coaster Week.

This has felt like the longest week in a long while. I only moved home on Sunday and it feels like I've been here ages. These past few days have been a real strain on my family's emotions. My sister was due to give birth on May 21st but she had to be induced on Monday...and the baby still didn't want to come out! It took until Tuesday evening and in the end she had to have a c-section which was a bit of a blow after all the pain and waiting. However, I now have the most beautiful little niece I could have ever wished for. She is perfect. 

And as they say...as one life begins another one ends. That seemed to be the case this week as my grandad sadly passed away yesterday. It wasn't a complete shock as he had been very ill for a while and was getting worse by the day, but it's never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. Rest in peace grandad x

I now have no grans or grandads...so appreciate your oldies!

Before the sad news, I went shopping with the girls to pick some baby clothes. I was feeling happy knowing I was finally an aunty and wore my sequin topshop jumper that hasn't been out my wardrobe in ages! 

The weather is awful at the moment so summer clothes are definitely a no-no. Let's hope it picks up soon.

Gold Sequin Jumper, Topshop

Watch, Michael Kors. Black Leather Shorts, Topshop.

Baby Nell :) One day old.


  1. You look beautiful!
    Sad to hear about your grandpa :( xxx

  2. Love that topshop jumper.
    so sorry about your grandpa, i have no grans or grandads either now :(



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