20 June 2012

Summer Days.

This is a photo-filled post today as I've been testing out my new Nikon D3000 camera. I highly recommend it if, like me, you're a bit of an amateur at professional photography. If you have it on the automatic setting all you have to do is zoom to where you want it, and the camera sorts out the rest: focus, lighting and quality. It has lots of other setting for when you're a bit more advanced, but for now automatic is good enough for me.

The sun made a reappearance today and yesterday, so I took full advantage of it by sunbathing and hitting our local beach..which you can see by the pictures is beautiful in the sun:

Necklace: River Island, Top: Topshop Sale, Hotpants: Ark, Pumps: Topshop.


  1. this camera is amazing, im so jealous - dying for a good quality device to take amazing pictures with!
    ps. those shorts look amazing on you!!



  2. That cat looks so content just sitting there chilling in the sun!

    1. ha yeah I think he was enjoying it :)


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