1 June 2012

Time to shop for pretty dresses!

My graduation isn't until September but I got a bit excited about buying a nice dress that I can wear to the ceremony in the day, and to the evening ball...so I started looking a few weeks ago. I hadn't really seen any that I liked enough to buy, but then I spotted this in Warehouse:

Embellished Bodice Soft Prom Dress in Coral, £85.

 I'm quite petite so I thought it would be too big, but actually it fitted really nicely:

I only tried it on to get an idea of whether I liked it or not, but now I'm in love with it! And then I found out even better news...until June 4th, Warehouse are hosting a Jubile Swap Shop where you can get 20% off of any full priced item just by taking in an old item of clothing! That means I can get this beauty for only £68! I'm definitely going to keep it for other occasions, I think it'd be lovely to wear for a summer wedding. 

Do you likeeee?


  1. This dress fits you so well, so girly and charming! Love it :) xx

  2. Beautiful dress! I am going through the issue of finding my graduation dress and I am being very picky indeed! I thought I'd found the perfect one, ordered online and it arrived, tried it on and I didn't like it! Grrr, on goes the search..

    Karys x

  3. LOVE this! :) x


  4. wow this is such a lovely dress!


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