11 July 2012

Clothes Swap.

What do you do when you're going out at the weekend and you're bored of everything in your wardrobe but too poor to buy anything new and pretty? 
This: Go on your friends Facebook page and stalk her tagged photos looking for clothes you want to borrow. She does the same on yours and viola...a technically 'new' outfit that you've never worn before! Saving you both £££s but still keeping you looking good ;)

See...look how happy I am that I have a new outfit for free! This is Kat's Topshop dress teamed with her tan belt and my eBay tan wedges. 

And this is Kat in my Misguided striped shirt and her own denim hotpants.

Terms and Conditions: Do not ruin said borrowed clothes, if you spill alcohol/tan on them it is your duty to offer to clean them, do not wear if you are not the correct size of said clothes, if you have a one night stand- do not leave them at the lucky boy's house...most importantly- always return said clothes to their rightful owner! 

If an individual fails to abide by these simple rules, it is within your rights to terminate the friendship. Tough but fair.


  1. What a good idea! I have never thought of stalking my friends on facebook to see if they have anything I want to wear! I love the bold colors of the two outfits - very summery!
    xxx emma


  2. Love the look! Haha, I know what you mean, my friends and I used to come to each others places and use each other as mannequins and borrow each others clothes. It's like having more than 1 closet :)

    *Always, Stephanie


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