17 July 2012

Picnic in the park.

I've forgotten what true heat feels like. It's July and I'm wearing my winter clothes, it is utterly depressing. Despite the weather though, we decided to go for a picnic last week come rain or shine. And thankfully...it shone! We went to Kearsney Abbey with a huge amount of food...we sat, we ate and we did many a rain-dance.

Jacket, Ark Clothing. Top, Topshop. Shorts, Miss Selfridge. Boots, New Look.

Only 11 more days of English weather left because then I'm flying to LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently America is going through a big heat wave at the moment...this is more than fine with me!


  1. Ah I forgot about Kearsney Abbey, my family and I always used to go in the summer. We loved the stepping stones! I'm pa-retty jealous that you're going to LA! So cool, have fun!xx

    1. It's so nice there! Haha, thank you I'll try bring some sunshine back :) x

  2. cute outfit for the cool summer you all seem to be having over there!
    xxx emma

  3. I have that hoody! it's so comfy isn't it and the skirts become an essential of mine! hope you have a fab holiday!! xx

    thanks for the comment on my blog!


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