25 August 2012

Trek America Diary #1

Right I haven't blogged in soooo long, I've definitely got out of the swing of things. But I'm back from my mini adventure and now I'm going to bore you all with the details of it...including LOTS of photos.

Basically I was getting fed up with the never-ending job hunt and it was getting me down a bit so I needed something to excite me and get me away from England for a while. So I finally booked my place on the Southern Sun Tour with Trek America which begun in LA and finished in New York.

Our first night was the one and only....VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!! I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. It is honestly amazing. It never stops, there's so much to see and the atmosphere is awesome. I partied on the rooftop of Palms hotel for god sake! 100% recommend it to everyone, the Bellagio fountain show is beautiful...it's just a magical city that you need to visit before you die.


  1. I envy you so much. I'm just going into my 2nd year of Journalism in uni and saw you're a Journo Grad. Is it really difficult to find a job afterwards? I'm working for a magazine at the moment but for peanuts really.

    But anyways, this holiday looks like a ball! :) You're making me want to visit America now


    1. I've sent you a message on twitter, hope you've got it! Definitely go to the USA, it's amazing! lovely blog too x


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