7 September 2012


You think about this day before you even start university, and yesterday it was finally my turn to graduate. The last time I was in Lincoln was four months ago so it was lovely to go back and thankfully the weather held out for us :)

The ceremony was held in Lincoln Cathedral which is huuuuge by the way. I genuinely thought I was in Hogwarts at one point! It felt so special and I must admit I did feel a wincy bit proud of myself going up on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Undergraduate degree in single honours journalism? DONE! Can't quite believe I'm done with education and on my own in the big wide world now. University was an amazing experience and I'll miss Lincoln very much! Congratulations to my fellow graduates :) 

Dad, me and Luke.

Luke, me and mother Frith.

Me and mum :)

Me and Amy...could we be happier?!

Class of 2012!

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