30 September 2012

Look Beauty Kits.

Now then beauty fans, you may or may not know that the UK's best selling fashion weekly has its own beauty range out....but it does! The beauty team at Look have been working together to produce a range of glamorous, fun and affordable items to make you 'look good and feel better' with a donation of every product going to the cancer support charity. 

The latest product to hit Superdrug shelves is their 'Brow Perfect Kit' which I went in search for on Saturday. Unfortunately my local store didn't have it in stock yet so instead I decided to try one of their 'Look Books' in Metallic Smoulder.

The Look Book!

What comes with the kit: Brown kohl eyeliner, double ended eyeshadow brush, volumising mascara and a trio of bronze eyeshadows.
Before: Just foundation and bronzer.
After step 1 and 2: Brown eyeliner on top and underneath eyes and sweeping eyeshadow on lids.

After steps 4 and 5: All 3 eyeshadows used and finished off with mascara.

Close Up: Amazing colours.

What do you think then? I love the colours and think I've achieved the 'Metallic Smoulder' I was after. I really love the eyeliner and mascara and think all these products for £12 is a bargain. I can tell I'll get great use out of the eyeshadows, and if I ever run out of a colour I can stock up easily as Look sell loads of individual shades.

I'm pleasantly surprised with the results and really do want to test out the Brow Perfect Kit next because I think it could rival the Benefit set I currently use.

If you are yet to try Look's beauty range I hope this post persuades you to give it go so we can all look good....feel better :)


  1. Great post and blog!
    Love that eye make up <3

    if you want, check out my blog too :)


    1. Thanks Anna, and I'll definitely check out your blog :)


  2. So beautiful! I love their blushes xo



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