17 September 2012

MeadowHAUL (see what I did there?!).

Can I firstly get a round of applause for my witty post title?! Don't pretend you don't love it..unless you've never heard of Meadowhall and in that case it won't be funny at all. Well Meadowhall is a shopping centre in Sheffield and whilst waiting for friends on Friday, I had a wander round the shops and even though I really shouldn't be spending money- I ended up buying a few nice things :) wooooops.

Can I now get a second round of applause for this being my 100th post? That doesn't really feel like a lot but I love the fact that people do actually come on this thing and sometimes leave lovely comments. So thank you :)

Anyway, the new items:

Skinny Jeans: £45, Warehouse. Cross T-Shirt, Missguided. 

Fur Collar Jacket: £58, Topshop.

Boots: £30, Garage Shoes.

I'm not normally that fussed on proper denim jeans but I absolutely fell in love with this pair. The colour and fit are perfect (but be warned...they are very tight-fitting. I had to get a size up!) I've wanted a pair of Jeffery Campbell style Lita's for months now and I finally decided on this pair because they will go with most outfits. 

Ok, no more spending money on new things now. I promise....


  1. your figure is amazing & i love the 3rd photo down!! xxx

    meadowhall is my fav shopping mall ever!!


  2. i went to meadowhall a few years ago and remember loving it there! I love the things you picked up, the boots are lush! :)xo

  3. I love the skinnies, they look great on you!


  4. If you don't kind me asking where abouts are you from? I live in Manchester when I'm at uni but Meadowhall is my local shopping centre at home - best place for shopping! I love the outfit by the way especially the shoes :)

    1. Hey Ellen, I'm actually from Kent but was meeting up with friends who live near Sheffield :) I went to Lincoln uni as well and we always used to visit Meadowhall for a big shop!
      Thanks for the comment lovely, will check out your blog!



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