18 October 2012

Topshop Haul.

Saw lots of lovely things in the Topshop sale this week. If I had the money I would've loved to buy some gorgeous summer clothes to keep for next year but I gave in to temptation and bought a full price skirt which I've been eyeing up for a couple of weeks. I did also get some sale goodies in the form of much needed jewellery!

Half price earrings, cat bracelet, earring cuff.
How cute?!

Going to Hospitality on Saturday with a Miss Emma Hobbs, can't wait for a messy night out. It doesn't finish until 6am....am I getting too old for this?! Have a lovely weekend everyoneee :)


  1. Topshop Jewellery is always so perfect.

    Lucy Xx


  2. Cute bracelet!! I'm addicted to topshop jewellery!! Xx


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