15 October 2012

Week In Photos #5.

One again this post isn't really a week in photos because I always forget to upload it! So it's more 'two weeks in photos'. Haven't done anything exciting but have just completed my first stint on jury service! It was interesting to see the workings of the law and to be part of the jury, but there was soo much waiting around and half the time I was trying to stop myself falling asleep! There was a nice mirror in the loos though so I took full advantage of this and took some outfit posts haha.

Checkered Shirt OOTD/ Visiting Ralph/ Liam Me and Chris/ Me and Tash/ My Saturday Night Without False Lashes!/ Striped Dress and Scarf OOTD/ Everyone at Tash's Leaving Party/ Stripes and Chunky Knit OOTD/ Ralph's 13th Birthday :)

Who else is beside themselves with excitement at the return of MIC tonight?! I for one cannot wait for Mr. Jamie Laing to be on my screen again...actual love.of.my.LIFE! There's new cast members and surprisingly Spencer's still in it even though he took part in The Bachelor earlier this year. Can't wait to see what's been happening in Chelsea, roll on 10pm!


  1. Love your outfit in the third photo, so cute! x

  2. Ralph is SO adorable! He looks like a big version of my blonde dog, Daisy haha :) xx

    - Boho Vanity v

  3. Love the outfit in the first photo, I love the jacket!

    Lucy Xx



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