6 November 2012

Disco Fever.

Right, I will admit that when the disco pant craze first came to light I was not a fan. But like most fashion trends I jumped on the badwagon and had to get myself a pair. If I was going to invest then I wanted the real deal...hello American Apparel (and when I say I invested..I mean my mother). I absolutely love them, they're so comfy and surprisingly warm!

Disco Pants, £74.99: American Apparel. Jumper, £14: Primark.

Next item on the fashion badwagon list: a parker coat with PU sleeves!!


  1. Love the jumper paired with the disco pants. I've had a 'fake' pair from Ark for a while but I'm thinking I might ask for the real things for Christmas because I live in them!
    Sam xx


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