4 November 2012

Lovely London!

Seems ages ago now, but on Wednesday me mum and my brother had a little day trip to London for some shopping and to see Shrek in the West End. I'd anticipated spending a lot of money because I know what I'm like and I give in easily to temptation! I knew I wanted some American Apparel disco pants but I thought I'd have to wait until Christmas, luckily my mum bought them for me as a treat (she's a gooden). I'm too scared to wear them though because they're so nice I don't want to ruin them!

I didn't actually end up spending that much, I got a jumper from Primark, a wooly hat and some new ankle boots which I only paid a fiver for because I had a voucher :) so all in all, not bad! I'll show you my new buys in another post.
REAL Disco Pants/ The New Primark (I wasn't that impressed)/ Hamleys!/ Royal Opera House/ Dinner In Covent Garden/ Theatre Royal/ Inside The Theatre/ Shrek Stage/ Regent Street.

It was such a lovely day, I really do love London soooo much!

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