17 November 2012

Wardrobe Update.

I cannot explain how much I love this dress. The style, the pattern, the material, the fit, the price....I am in actual love. I saw it a few weeks ago and liked it but couldn't afford to get it, luckily my mum took pity on me and bought it for me today (she's a gooden). Definitely going to be wearing this a work to lot and probably any excuse out of work as well! 

I also got a new bag, but again didn't actually have to use my own money as I had vouchers that have been in my purse for like 10 months. I'm a lover of a big bag, can't be faffing around with little things that don't fit my massive purse in, so this one was perrrrfect in colour and size, and I even had some money left afterwards. You know it's a successful shop when you don't spend a penny of your own money!! 

Silk Dress: £24.99, H&M.

Brown Holdall: £39, Accessorize.

First week of working in London went really well despite wanting to kill myself every time my 6.30 alarm went off. Commuting is a chore- especially the fight for seats on the fast train. I can't be dealing with that at 7.45am! Howeverrrrr, everyone at work is lovely and I feel like I've been there longer than a week already. Hopefully I can get used to the commuting and enjoy exploring London a bit more. Ciao for now!


  1. That dress is so pretty, as is that bag!



  2. The print on that dress is so pretty, and I love your bag xx

  3. Love your dress! It's so so pretty xo


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