30 January 2013


Absolutely everyone is doing these and I've really enjoyed finding out more about the people behind the blogs I read. I'm naturally a very nosey person so these are like gold dust to me! I thought I might as well join in, but it's surprisingly hard to keep thinking of things you know about yourself.
  1. My freckles come out in the sun.
  2. I absolutely love musical theatre and if I had my way I'd be in a West End show.
  3. I'm the most stubborn person I know.
  4. At primary school, I hated the name 'Francesca' but I have grown to love it.
  5. I prefer animals to people.
  6. My dad's a farmer and I grew up surrounded by fields and countryside where summertime lasted a lifetime!
  7. I have a very vivid imagination.
  8. When people post outfit photos, the first thing I look at is their room/everything around them. I'm just nosey!
  9. If I had to choose between meeting Beyonce and meeting the Queen, B would win every time.
  10. Desperately passionate about my career yet desperately worried I'll never make it.
  12. Sometimes I can go into deep daydreams about how the world is so big and there are parts I will never see, and I just can't get my head around it.
  13. I can't work out if I believe in God or not, but I think I believe in afterlife.
  14. I don't consider myself to be a trendsetter. I enjoy fashion, but it's not the most important thing in life.
  15. I used to think we had tiny little people in our bodies making everything work.
  16. The worst present you could give me is a cuddly toy...especially a bear. Eurgh.
  17. Eating used to be a real chore when I was little and I used to stuff my dinner in my cheeks and go and spit it out!
  18. I once took a dead bird on holiday because I thought I could help it. My mum wasn't best pleased with that act of kindness.
  19. Girl Talk was my favourite magazine and Bible as a young girl.
  20. I sometimes wonder if University was worth it (but I definitely don't regret it).
  21. Growing up we had pet sheep, hamsters, cats, dogs, stick insects (don't ask), goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Yes really.
  22. I'm really fascinated with America.
  23. I have two tattoos and three piercings. 
  24. I DETEST men who wear vest tops!
  25. I've probably spent more money at the dentist than I have on clothes in the past few years.


  1. Girl talk was my bible too - I won a few competitions in there and actually was in the letter section once hah!

    I agree completely with number 13 about God, I'm the same!

    I may have to do one of these myself!


  2. I wish I had freckles, they look so cute in the summer. Ditto to #3 x


  3. I have freckles that come out in the sun too :) And I feel the same about University. Lovely blog..thank you for commenting on mine! x


  4. Lovely post, I like reading peoples answers to these kind of things...I must also be quite nosy lol. I have freckles in the sun too. I am actually looking forward to Summer so they come back, I miss them a little.

    Elle xx

  5. lovely blog. interesting post! enjoyed reading :)


  6. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!


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