20 January 2013

It's All White.

The white stuff has finally hit Kent, at last! I am a massive fan of snow, well not when I need to get places but when I'm just at home I love it. It's snowing right now actually, and it's getting pretty deep...it makes me want to put on a Christmas film and rewind to December. My dog Ralph is like a big kid in snow, he goes along trying to eat it all though. Here's some photos I took yesterday, enjoy :)


  1. I'm in Kent too and it's non stop at the moment - I'm not such a fan!

    Your dog is so so cute!!!


  2. Your dog is the cutest!! Lovely photos!Xx


  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog - it's so cool that you've met Victoria! Your dog is beyond cute - lovely pictures xx

  4. Your dog is so cute :) I love your pink Hunters too :)

    Our snow is bad and set to get even worse tonight. I am going to probably have to walk to work tomorrow as it looks like lots of roads will be blocked, most schools have already put messages up to say they will be closed. Boo, I want a snow day! As long as we can walk from wherever we live we are expected to be in. I only live 2 miles away so work it is for me tomorrow :(

    Enjoy your snow :)

    Janine xx

  5. Your dog is so cute! Lovely photos. The snow was nice for a time but i'm a bit fed up of it too now!

  6. Oh my god your dog is adorable! I'm jealous, still waiting for it to snow here!

  7. These are gorgeous photos and your dog is so lovely!

  8. Aww these photos are hugely cute!!! Ralph is so sweet haha :) We're having more snow here as I speak!!!

    Robyn Mayday


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