9 January 2013

Leather and Floral.

Unsure why this is so blurry, but maybe it's a good thing as you can't see my ill/tired face very clearly! This blouse was only a fiver from Primark and I love it, it goes with so many of my clothes and I especially love it with my leather skater skit. 

I'm in the office all on my own at the moment! (Hence the posing self timers) Feeling sorry for myself listening to radio one and getting square eyes from staring at this computer screen! I feel like I'm getting some sort of illness as my throat kills and all my glands feel swollen, but I'm trying to fight it off.

Anywhoooooo, back to work. Only a couple of hours until home time! 
Ankle Boots: New Look, Leather Skater: Ark, Floral Blouse: Primark.


  1. That FIVE pound shirt is so pretty!!!
    Need to get to Primark stat!
    That is exactly what I had after Christmas- swollen glands and painful to swallow/speak.
    Lots of Ibuprofen and orange juice and early bed times!

    I hope it is not what I had- it was horrid!
    Get well soon petal!


  2. Lovely outfit dear :) - I have a very similar one on today but a plaid shirt instead of floral

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

  3. This is a gorgeous outfit - I love the contrast of leather with a really feminine pretty blouse. Total bargain for a fiver too!! xx


  4. this is such a great look, definitely something i would wear myself too. i love this blouse so much. too bad the only primark in berlin is too far away and far to crowded for me to go pick up this blouse myself.

    http://www.lovefromberlin.net/ xx rae

  5. I want that shirt! For £5 it is such a bargain xx


  6. Great blog dear! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and fb if you want...just let me know :3 <3



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