10 January 2013


This makes a change for me as usually I stay away from text-heavy posts, but actually I've really enjoyed writing it and it reminded me that I started this blog to WRITE not just to post photos. So although I'll be continuing to do outfit posts you may see more of my actual personality coming through. (Could be good or bad, you decide)

I did aim to do a 2012 summary but I never got round to it. Instead, I'll just mention some of the things which made last year stand out:

1. Finishing Uni- Unlike other students who never wanted to leave, I couldn't wait to graduate and embark on an actual real life grown up career. Don't get me wrong, I loved uni and the whole student experience of living away from home, living with friends, drinking horribly cheap vodka and missing countless lectures and seminars because bed was a better option. But I was always dreaming of actually having my own money, my own flat and planning grown up holidays and weekends away. Little did I know that life after uni would be a LOT harder than I ever anticipated. I moved home in June and if you had told me then that by January 2013 I'd STILL be at home and interning, therefore STILL poor- I probably wouldn't have believed it. I make it sound horrendous, it's not that awful but I am sick of not having my own money!

2. Becoming an auntie- This is like the biggest highlight ever! Nell is the first baby in the family and considering I'd been nagging my sister to get pregnant since I was around 8, I couldn't believe she'd finally gone and done it! Nell was due in May but decided to hang on in there and was born on June 5th 2012. Unfortunately we lost our Grandad 2 days later but we got to show him a picture of Nell before he died so he knew she was in the world! I genuinely love being an auntie and although I moaned a lot about not having a job when I moved home, it meant I could spend loads of time with my new niece watching her grow and change every day. I love her to BITS!

3. Doing Trek America- I've always wanted to visit America as we've never been there on holiday or anything and I did consider doing something like Camp America but that meant you had to work over there rather than just enjoy it. I'd been eyeing up the 'Southern Sun Tour' for months and when I had a really good job interview but didn't get the job, I was so angry and upset that I thought 'fuck it' and rang up and booked my trip! I remember my mum got home and I said 'I'm going to America for a month, and I've paid so it's done now.' Genuinely the best thing I've ever done. Flying over there on my own was a bit daunting but I met someone from my group at Chicago airport so we helped each other out which was nice. I travelled in and across 16 states experiencing nights out in Vegas, New Orleans and San Antonio to name a few. Met some lovely people who I'm still great friends with and I'd love to do something similar again. 

Not sure how 2013 will match up to last year but I have promised myself at least two holidays and a new car (if I ever get a proper wage!)

My main goals for this year are:

1. Treasure those closest to me- It's surprising how awful girls can still be to each other. I love my friends and think I'm a very loyal person, unfortunately not everybody is the same. So this year I'm not wasting time trying to make effort with people who don't return it and don't really care about me, instead I'm going to spend more time and make more memories with the friends I know I can count on.

2- Keep climbing that ladder- I'm really passionate about my career...to the point where sometimes I get upset and stressed out thinking I'm never going to get where I want to be. I think my aim for this year is to stop worrying so much about it and remember I'm only just turning 22. I want to carry on gaining experience and boosting my CV but most importantly I want to be happy and feel settled in a job. I might go through 3 or 4 jobs this year, or I might find a perfect role, what I've learnt recently is that no matter how hard you try and plan your future, life has a funny habit of doing its own thing- so you just need to go with it!

3- Enjoy being young- This sort of links in with the previous point really. I'm only just in my twenties, I'm single, have no kids and nothing to tie me down therefore I should relish in this time and be a bit selfish really! Spend my money on clothes, trips away and nights out and stop stressing so much over things that, in the long run, are meaningless!

Pretty simple goals I think. Maybe when I'm stressing about jobs and money I should have a look at this post to remind myself. 

What are your 2013 goals?


  1. I am DYING to do Trek America - the second I can save enough for the trip, I'm off - it looks like such an amazing experience!
    It's a shame you felt a little deflated about the lack of job prospects, but at least you're interning and getting some experience, and I'm sure something great will come along soon!
    Congratulations on becoming an aunt, too, that photo of you and your niece is adorable! xx

    1. You should 100% do Trek, you meet so many different people it's amazing.
      And thank you :)

  2. Good for you! My friend did a 2 week tour with Trek America and loooved it! My aims are to travel more and blog more :)

    The Style Rawr!

  3. Already posted on your blog today, but I HAD to comment on this. Iv been pondering on Trek for about 2 years but never had the guts to go alone. Its so nice to hear you had a great time. I really hope you get your perfect job soon, I can imagine no wage must put a downer on things.

    Your so positive , its great!
    Mel x

  4. Thanks Mel, lovely comment. And YES do it! You meet people straight away and you won't be alone! x

  5. awh i really loved this post! very inspiring :)



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