15 January 2013

What's In My Bag.

I've seen a few of these posts flyin' about so thought I'd add to them. Looking at the photos, I'm afraid I can't promise anything exciting...in fact the contents of my bag are really boring! However, these are the things I carry round with me most days so they must be pretty essential:

1.   Brown Tote Bag- Accessorize.
2.   Black Suede Bow Gloves- Accessorize.
3.   Pocket Tissues- Wilkinson.
4.   Beige Wallet- Marc by Marc Jacobs.
5.   iPhone 4 and Headphones- Apple.
6.   Cocoa Butter Lip Balm- Vaseline.
7.   Amor Amor Perfume- Cacharel.
8.   Lipstick in 'red chilli'- MaxFactor.
9.   Jelly Bean Notebook and Pen- Wilkinson.
10. Season Ticket- South Eastern Trains.  


  1. A useful selection. Vaseline is so underestimated. Your so lucky to have a Marc Jacobs purse!

    Mel x

  2. cute post i like your purse


  3. I love your purse, and the bag is so pretty! x

  4. Hey doll - great blog - Just sharing and networking with other bloggers so just wanna share my "whats in my bag?" youtube vid over on my blog! http://cherrimocha.blogspot.co.uk/ xx


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