24 February 2013

MAC Reviews.

Before I start, I must stipulate that I'm not a massive fan of MAC cosmetics like the rest of the world is. I think their foundation is too heavy and their products are over priced...but I do like their range of lipsticks. However, for Christmas and my birthday I got a few pieces from the brand, so I decided to do a little post about my thoughts on them.
Mineralize Eye Shadow in 'Aurora', £16.50

150 Large Powder Brush, £32.50.
 Opulash Mascara, £14.

Ok first up the eyeshadow:
I do quite like the finished effect but I don't think all the different coloured pigments come out properly. It just produces a smokey metallic eye effect which you are able to get for much cheaper! Overall, not fussed on this item.
Powder brush:
I use bronzer nearly every day, so I was after a really good-quality brush to use. For Christmas I asked for the MAC brush gift set which was about £40 and included a range of their brushes but in smaller sizes. I wasn't impressed with it though as the bristles came out of the brushes and they seemed really cheap to me. So I swapped it for just the one full size brush. Although this is much better than the one included in the set, some bristles have come out whilst using it which shouldn't happen with a good brush.
Now this...I do like! It's got a really great brush and doesn't feel too heavy once its applied. I think it does actually give my lashes some volume, so I think it's worth the money. It does however...really smell! I don't think I've ever owned a mascara that smells so this was a bit weird, but it's only a minor detail and wouldn't put me off buying this again. 


  1. My boyfriend got me a couple of MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows for my birthday and I really haven't been as impressed with them as I was expecting to be. The lipsticks are lovely but I don't think they're really worth their price tags and I find the shadows difficult to apply and not very long lasting - I was beginning to think I was the only blogger in the world who didn't think the brand was amazing!!
    Such a shame about the bristles falling out of the brushes, that's really not what you expect at all. The mascara does look really good, your eyelashes look amazing :)
    Love Holly x

    1. Haha, definitely not. I'm glad you agree! Some of their products are really good but I'm not that fussed with them overall. x

  2. This isn't really to do with the post but your eyebrows look amazing! Haha.


    Chloe xx

    1. Haha, thank you! I use Benefit 'Big Beautiful Eyes' to fill them in a bit :)

  3. I am so jealous of your brows!
    I couldn't stop envying them.. mine are so thin and sparse (curse your trainee beautician) I can't be caught dead without my eyebrow powder .. slave to them haha

    Lovely post :)

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

    1. Thank you! Took me a while to get them to look like this but now I don't trust any beautician to go near them!

  4. I only like there lipstick too pretty much, there mascaras I hate although it does look lovely on you, the foundation I tried was okay but nothing to write home about and I'm yet to try there eyeshadows lol xx


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