10 February 2013

Week In Photos #11.

I have absolutely loved this week. I think I've been hungover and in bed more times than I've been sober! It all started last weekend with a trip up north to see friends then continued when I went back to Lincoln to celebrate my birthday night out, then back home where more nights out happened, I am literally knackered and SKINT. It's been so good to see my favourite people though, all crammed into the space of a week and I love them more than ever!
Reunited At Last/ Where It Started To Go Downhill.../ My Beauty Nike Blazers/ Birthday Cake/ Team Reem/ Me and Emma (Birthday Twins...Almost)/ Me and Kat/ My Saturday Night (Thank God No Alcohol)/ Birthday Meal Out at Zizzi.

I am thoroughly looking forward to not doing a lot this week apart from making a few pancakes on Tuesday. Think I may need to seriously detox and eat a load of fruit and veg as my skin has definitely suffered through all this drinking!

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Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Fran_Frith :)