9 April 2013

April Showers.

April Showers

April Showers by franleanne featuring a zipper bag

Another month, another gorgeous wish list to pine over! This one doesn't have as much colour as usual but that's because I've fallen back in love with black, especially black accessories like the studded Zara sandals and H&M bag. The bumbag and dungarees are a definite hint that fashion is heading back to the 80s, which works well seeing as my sister is having an 80s-themed party for her 30th birthday this month!! Queue the leg warmers...

OH YEAH so my new job. It was my first day today. I now have an actual job title 'PR and Social Media Coordinator' oooh get me. For those of you that know me you'll know how rubbish it's been for me since leaving uni. Internships and work experience are all well and good but you can't work for free forever- and d'you know what I've realised...YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO!

Media, fashion and journalism in particular are so competitive that there will always be people willing to work for nothing, so 'the internship' is unfortunately here to stay. I personally do not 100% agree with them, especially now I have come out the other side. Yes they are invaluable for your CV and completely necessary for a career within the media. But if you show skill, dedication and passion for the job, why can't you just get paid for it like a normal person?!! I could go on about this forever, so I'll stop.

The point is, I had a very clear idea of where my life would go after university, and it simply just didn't happen like that. For one, I promised myself I wouldn't go back to my old job at Waitrose, and I certainly wouldn't apply for retails jobs. Not because I thought I was too good, but because that isn't what I studied and worked towards for three years. However, there comes a point where working for free just to get that CV boost just isn't that appealing anymore, and so I got a job at Zara. I'm thankful for them for employing me when it felt like no one else in the world would, but luckily I only had to do this for a short time before getting my first big break.

I finally feel like all my hard work is starting to pay off and I'm keen to get stuck in to my new role :)

If any fellows graduates are feeling shit, I know everyone says it but seriously- you WILL get there!


  1. I want those Zara heels, yum!


  2. Good luck with your new job! Those sunnies are amaziiing! xx

  3. Congratulations on getting such an exciting sounding job lovely! As much as everyone encourages you to go to uni, no-one prepares you for the struggle of finding a job after. Loving your wishlist, those sandals are beaut & I love the monochrome knit.

    Hannah cagneyandlace.com


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