30 April 2013

Let's Take It Back To The Old Skool.

Last week my lovely big sis turned the big 3-0. I've been waiting for this milestone for years so I can rub our 8 year age gap in her face! Sounds mean I know but she's practically over the hill now and I'm in my prime (she can probably still out-party me though). Anyway, she had a 1980s themed party Saturday so I fully embraced the clashing colours and patterns and even turned up wearing her old primary school coat, much to her friends amusement! I think I pulled it off quite well, one could get used to dressing in past trends...! Here's my 80s inspired outfit (basically just look like a massive chav!)

Visor: eBay, Earrings: Peacocks, Top: Primark, Coat: Vintage, BumBag: eBay, Shorts: ASOS Marketplace, Nike Blazers: Office.

By the way.....I SEE BEYONCE IN 4 DAYS. Never been so excited to shake my booty!


  1. This outfit is fantastic...got to love dressing up!!x


  2. Looks like so much fun!! The bumbag and visor really make it!



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