21 April 2013

Week In Photos #13

This is how rubbish at blogging I've been lately, I haven't uploaded one of these since FEBRUARY! Whooooops. Oh well here's a little selection of what's been going on round here these past couple of weeks :)
London with Amber/ Sunny Thames/ Night Out in Camden/ Cutie Nell/ Sunny Evening/ Cocktails With The Laydeez/ New Pinafore Dress/ Night Out/ Tea and Cake Waiting For Me At Work :)

I've realised having a full time job means you literally have no time for anything anymore, and weekends become so much more important! Really enjoying it though and definitely appreciating the sunny weather that's started happening...more please! This week is all about making it through to Saturday for my sister's 30th party, we're going back to the 80s baby! Legwarmers at the ready...


  1. I love your new pinafore dress! x

  2. Lovely pictures! Where did you get that pinafore dress? It's so cute! xx


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