2 July 2013

Jump Into July.

Jump Into July.

This is one of my favourite wish lists to date I think...it sums up exactly how I want my July to look like! I've already bought a choker pendant necklace from eBay, but it's from Hong Kong so will be here in approximately 5 years probably. I love the Barry M Gelly polishes because they look so shiny when they're on and don't chip too badly, I already have the Greenberry shade but definitely want some more colours from the range.

Now here's an item to divide shoppers everywhere: The Skort. When this idea came about I thought it was ridiculous, especially on the mens catwalks at Fashion Week, but I've seen a few girls wearing the Zara statement and it actually looks really nice! So I think I've been won over plus I love the coral version.

In the space of two days I've gone from having a weekend of no plans next week to now going to Wireless on Friday and potentially Wimbledon on Sunday! I have absolutely no idea what to wear to Wireless but obviously planning your outfit is a big dilema so I've been scouring ASOS Marketplace and eBay today looking for inspiration. It's meant to get into the 30s next week so I'm hoping it'll be hot, hot, hot by Friday and I can get a tan whilst getting slowly drunk and watching Justin Timberlake...perfection!


  1. I haven't been sure by the Zara skort, but it looks great in that colour! xx


    1. I know, same...but love this one! x

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love this wishlist, especially the coral skort! x

    Following you now on gfc :)!


  3. LOVE the skort :D

    Ruth x


  4. Cute post - gotta have that daisy print dress! x

  5. Great choices!!!
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