10 July 2013

One for the LADS...

Can I firstly clarify that I am not a raging feminist, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder and I don’t hate the entire male generation (just 99% of them). However, I’m pretty fed up of men getting away with treating women like utter shite.

I am 22, I do not wish to find the love of my life right now and a serious relationship is probably number 101 on my top 100 things to have. Obviously I do want to settle down one day, but flirting with everyone and everything and not feeling guilty about it is pretty good I must admit. So why is it boys still assume that all girls want is a boyfriend? It’s 2013 for Christ sake, the fact women are still getting called slags for having a one night stand (or ten) is ridiculous! I mean, if you’re known as the town bike and never shut your legs, that’s a different story. But how in this day and age is it socially acceptable for guys to be cheered on for completely using women and we can’t do the same?!

I say we need a revolution. You shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to have a rich and varied sex life…you only live once so fuck it! Have a few tequilas, get a taxi to a guy’s house and do the walk of ‘shame’ with a grin on your face! I’m pretty much encouraging everyone to go out and shag each other here aren’t I? But one thing I’m not condoning is using people. This goes for girls as well as boys, but let’s face it I’m 100% aiming this at men.

I have returned to my man-hating ways once more and it’s sad that at the ripe old age of 22 I’ve discovered there really aren’t many that are worth my time. Like I said, I’m not looking for a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want some respect. Boys: just because you’re seeing someone casually, maybe you’ve got a no strings attached situation going on…it doesn’t mean you should just pick them up and drop them when it suits you. Be a fucking grown up about it, you obviously both like each other a bit to want to spend time together so how about just being honest with each other? I’m all for the notion of saying ‘Right, we’re not getting married. I don’t want to see you more than twice a week, I don’t care about meeting your family but it’s nice to have someone to text and accompany me for dinner so how about we try being nice to each other, don’t fuck around with other people and if we get bored, have a clean break and move on.’ If people can’t last more than a few weeks of being honest with each other and not playing mind games then there’s something seriously wrong with the human race.

Men: sort it out.

There’s a lot of nice girls out there for you. They don’t want you to commit, they just want you to not be a prick :)


  1. very nice:)
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  2. Couldnt agree more with this post. Been nodding my way through it!

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