5 October 2013

Oh October.

Oh October.

I've been sooooo good at blogging lately that I completely skipped September. Whoops! But I'm going to make up for it by putting some much needed new outfit posts on here because I've got some lovely clothes to show off!

Although I should be sad that it's October and wet and stormy and miserable...I'm actually in the best mood ever because I found out this week I will be moving to Nottingham! I went for a job interview the day after I got back from Ibiza (don't ever do this...worst idea!) and although I had to hold down my sick throughout it, I must've done something right as I was offered the position- so I move out of Kent 3 weeks today into (hopefully) one of the nicest apartments I've ever seen!!!

My wardrobe needs an autumn/winter update so I bought a few pieces today, which I'll upload in a separate post so you can see them properly, but I was really disappointed as the main reason I went into town was to get this amazing tartan dress from River Island, which they didn't have in-store boo. (If any of my friends are reading this btw, if you dare get this dress I will fucking murder you- It's MINE) I'm a bit obsessed with ankle boots at the minute too, I bought a really nice pair from Dorothy Perkins today but I've seen so many I want! I've noticed Timberlands are clearly back in fashion and I actually really like them...should've hung on to my baby pink pair from year 8 (or not).

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I just picked up that Essie nail polish, love it! Perfect for A/W :) x

  2. That tartan dress is so cute, I really love the bow detail x



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