11 February 2014

A New Pair Of Eyes.

Apologies for the blurry pictures, blame the rubbish lighting. I don't think I've posted about my glasses yet, which I'm totally in love with so had to get them on here. I've needed them for about four years but obviously kept putting it off- I'm much too young for bad eyesight you know! Anyway, I got pretty bored of squinting to see what was on TV so I asked father dearest if he'd get them for me for Christmas. (You know you're teenage days are over when you're asking for glasses for Christmas). Naturally, I chose Ray-Bans....

Ray-Ban black/red texture, RRP £129.99.

What do you think?! 


  1. Those Ray Bans are fabulous! I wanted the really big frames from Ray Ban but they're not in stock anywhere anymore!

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    1. Oh no that's a shame, big frames are the best x

  2. Love the outfit especially the top, your blog is great xo

  3. The glasses look fab you really suit them! Love the top too.

    Salted Roses Fashion & Beauty

  4. They're awesome. If I ever need glasses I'm totally getting ray-ban's too!

    Tara xo

  5. Oooh they really suit you! I love the flash of red on them. I was the same, put off specs for aaaages because the moment you start... It's downhill from there on in! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. Your glasses look great, they look so nice with your new hair also. I went to the opticians the other day to find out my prescription has changed, so new glasses. I've ordered Ray-Bans too, they are so nice. Will be a post on them when they arrive :)
    Vicki x

    What A Little Pickle

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