28 March 2014

Let's Get Physical.

Let's Get Physical

We're barely in spring, yet pictures of bikini-clad female celebrities are coming in thick and fast! It seems every year we start preparing for summer that little bit earlier, and who can blame us...it's the season where most of us make the biggest and most expensive plans..(cough cough Barcelona, We Are Festival and Hideout...)

Although I'm in no way overweight, I've decided for this summer I want to get fit...Lucy Meck fit. Seriously don't follow her on Instagram if you don't want to feel guilty about the pizza you're gauging yourself on! She's got some serious abs, and I want in. 

I've started using the gym more regularly and I'm really going to try and stick to it, I've also changed my diet ever so slightly- nothing drastic. I always have to have something to snack on, especially at work but I was eating far too many sugary/unhealthy things so I've swapped these for things like fruit, low fat yoghurt, malt loaf and dried fruit, and surprisingly they're actually keeping my cravings at bay. I still have normal meals in the evening but have started including more salad in things and swapping normal potatoes for sweet potatoes which I love. If I'm hungry later on then I'll have some pineapple with honey or yoghurt and fruit. I've also cut down on how much tea I drink and am trying to drink more water throughout the day.

Even though I really do hate exercise, the thought of all-day pool parties is keeping me motivated and actually it's true what they say...regular exercise and a good diet does make you feel better. 

Roll on summer and reveal yourself abdominals!!! 


  1. I'm on somewhat of a health kick at the moment too.. so determined to fit for summer!

  2. I've just bought a whole load of gym gear, there is obviously something in the water!

    Love those Nikes! Damn you and your small feet/ small ££ haha! I've bought myself some Free Runs though! Not all bad xxx


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