29 May 2014

We Are Fstvl!

Me and Amber love a road trip, and this weekend we took on the journey from Nottingham to Essex which is long enough as it is without the RIDICULOUSNESS that ensued! 

We were heading to Upminster for the Saturday instalment of We Are Festival, trying to be clever and avoiding the blocked up M1, we somehow managed to get onto the A1 which was all well and good because we were still sort of en-route. Four hours of driving later and we were in jam-packed London so decided to abandon my car and hop on a train.

A few detours later and we finally made it into the festival grounds at 3pm! We were still in good spirits but then we saw the queue...the queue that took an HOUR to stand in...in the torrential rain! So we actually ended up getting through the gates at about 4pm, not the original plan. 

Despite all this, we still had a good time and Sam Divine's set made it all worth it! We also went to the after party at Studio 338 in Greenwich which was amazing, so not all bad. Looking forward to not doing anything this weekend though I must say. 

Sunglasses, socks and crop top all BooHoo.

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