1 April 2015

Aah, April.

Okay, so there's a definite theme here. It's like my inner Sienna Miller has suddenly been discovered! (Note how good that rhyme is by the way.)

I can't help it though, the Folk trend is obviously going to be big this summer and dammit I want me some suede and lace! I saw an absolutely gorgeous white lace dress in Bershka the other day, unfortunately I couldn't find it to include on here but I already imagined myself wearing it with a leather jacket to one of the many summer festivals I've got lined up. 

I hereby declare I am ready for spring shopping! We just need to notify my bank balance and the weather right now, as both are totally the opposite of ready for this.

What's on your April wish lists? 


  1. I am loving this trend too! H&M have got some fab pieces and so does topshop. I'm thinking I might need to sell some organs or something though before I can justify buying anything haha!


  2. Lovely pieces, I want them all! I'm on the lookout for a suede skirt at the minute!
    Millie xx


  3. Such a pretty collage, great picks! I love your blog x


  4. Such gorgeous picks! I'm especially loving that playsuit and the fringe bag <3

    Olivia Emily

  5. Love the playsuit! :) I picked up one similar in the new look sale x



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