12 April 2015

Who says ombré doesn't work on short hair?!

Aaaah, I'm so happy to have some blonde back in my hair! I've wanted the ombré effect for ages but was convinced it would look rubbish on my short hair. Luckily I found a great stylist at RUSH in Moorgate who worked her magic. Also very much enjoying Benefit's World Famous Neutrals kit that I'm wearing on my eyes here! These were taken on the lovely Easter weekend last week and I'm already counting down to my next long weekend...which in fact is only a week and a half away! 


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! :) Ombre looks amazing on your short hair :)

  2. Ombre looks great on short hair! Who's been spreading these lies.
    You hair is the perfect example of how much it works.

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