11 July 2015

Day Tripping | Bristol

Yesterday, I had a rare day off work so me and mum set off early from Paddington for a day in beautiful Bristol.

I've only been to this city a couple of times, both flying visits, so this time I wanted to explore and enjoy it properly. We arrived about midday and had a wander to the main shopping centre (which is much more impressive than I thought it would be). We picked up a few sale bargains and enjoyed some frozen drinks in the sunshine.

We then made our way down to the harbour and followed the river along where there are lots of quirky restaurants dotted along overlooking the water. The weather was gorgeous so we soaked up the sun before enjoying some wine and early dinner on the docks of River Station, where the staff were extremely polite I have to say!

Bristol is a gorgeous little place and I like it more and more each time I visit. I still didn't see everything I wanted to, and really must go to the old city next time as we only managed to pop our heads round before carrying on. I also didn't find any Banksy! Reason enough to make another trip to the South West.

Happy weekending everyone!


  1. just found your blog I think its amazing the layout it just beautiful gave you a follow on GFC I would love for you to do the same

  2. It looks so lovely :) Summer time is the best time to explore England.


    1. Especially when it's actually sunny...! x

  3. Gorgeous photos, sounds amazing x


  4. Cutest pics - I wanna go there xx


  5. Visited a friend there this year for a couple of sunny days. What a lovely place :)




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